West Ada School Board Republican Voter Guide

Lori Ann Frasure

My husband Joe and I grew up in southeastern Idaho, and with our kids, have lived in Meridian for the past 16 years. We both graduated from Idaho State University.  I received a degree in Business Management and my husband a degree in Secondary Education, although he is not currently teaching.  We have two great kids. Our daughter graduated from Rocky Mountain High School and our son will be attending Owyhee High School this fall.

We have loved living in Meridian and have found the people of this community fantastic! We live in a beautiful area with strong Idaho values.  I have been able to speak to many in Zone 1 over the past few years, as I have engaged in many school and community activities.  Two years ago as a new grading system was implemented at Rocky Mountain High School, I had the opportunity to work with administration, teachers, parents, the school board and our students. As we brought these groups together solutions were found and policies changed creating a better learning and teaching environment. I feel confident we share a desire to stand up for the things we know to be best and as we work together our kids, our schools, and our community will be strengthened.


1- Kids First

2- Listen

3- School is Essential

4- Local control

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Angela Redford

I grew up in Boise along with my husband Adam. We have been married for seventeen years and have four children. I have a BA in History from Boise State.

For ten years I worked for a high school foreign exchange program mentoring international students, working closely with volunteer host families within the community, and coordinating with private and public school administrators and teachers.

Most recently, I initiated nonpartisan legislation requiring cities with a population greater than 100,000 to establish districts for city council representatives. This involved collaborating with various leaders and community members to secure passage of this historic bill.


  • Always Students First:  Student success should be at the heart of every decision made. The school board should designate as much funding as possible that will directly benefit students.
  • Focus on Education:  Student proficiency and well-being should be the priority. The school board’s primary focus should always be providing our students with a quality education.
  • Engage Community:  Parents know their kids best. Decisions about students’ education should always involve teachers and parents. I support parent choice for masks and vaccines.
  • Open Schools:  Although remote learning should be an option, open schools are essential for student achievement. For many students, access to in-person learning, their peers, sports, and other activities are vital to their success.

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