West Ada School Board Republican Voter Guide

Lucas Baclayon

I am an experienced educator who taught both overseas and in the US. I moved from Taiwan to Idaho for work several years ago, but I have been blessed with opportunities to serve the community through service on the West Ada School Board and take part in the enriching culture that our community has to offer.
I am dedicated to ensuring that every student in West Ada has the opportunity to grow. I have two children currently in West Ada and one who recently graduated, allowing me to see firsthand the challenges that a good education can bring and the growth that can happen when students, teachers, and parents work together to ensure quality education.
I strongly believe in West Ada and the strong educational culture that pervades in our schools.


  • Effective teachers and supportive parents are both essential to a successful education
  • Learning environments should be as free from distractions as possible
  • Each student should be given the opportunity to succeed in school and in life.


Facebook: Lucas Baclayon

David Binetti

I’m a father to two girls at Eagle Middle & Eagle High and am dedicated to putting kids first as the Trustee for Zone 4.  I work as a strategic consultant, live in Brookwood in Eagle, and will soon celebrate my 20th anniversary with my beautiful wife, Antonia.


  • Managing Growth
  • Ensuring a Distraction-Free Education
  • Building Trust

LINK TO WEBSITE: https://www.dave4westada.com/


Facebook: David Binetti

Miguel DeLuna

I am a former Law Enforcement officer of 35 years. I worked as a school resource officer, mentored 15 children from age 6, and saw all of them graduate from high school. I have worked and supported three different Superintendents of Schools. I have attended School Board meetings, sat in school budget meetings in the governor’s office, attended teacher union negotiations contract talks, and school support meetings with SALESFORCE CEO and Silicon Valley CEOs.


  • Enhancing Campus Security
  • Supporting Idaho’s Conservative Family Values
  • Parental Rights to Participate in the Education Process






René Ozuna

Hello, West Ada friends and supporters! I’m René Ozuna, and I’m honored to be a Trustee candidate for the West Ada School District. Currently serving as the Zone 5 Trustee, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing the dedication and hard work of our educators, staff, and students. I’m proud of what we’ve achieved together, and while we should celebrate our successes, it’s crucial to acknowledge there’s still more to be done. Education is an ever-evolving field, and my commitment to continuous improvement remains unwavering.

I’m a lifelong Idahoan with kids in the West Ada School District since 2000. As proud parents of two West Ada graduates and a current High School Senior, my husband and I have been active volunteers in our schools, classrooms, and community. My realization of the importance of sound school policy and its impact on our students and community came through my involvement in an attendance zone boundary committee. My husband, Joe, has been a coach and PAL committee volunteer for many years. We are passionate about advocating for opportunities for all children. Professionally, I hold a bachelor’s degree in Math and work as an analytics consultant.

My husband, three sons, daughter-in-law, and two grandkids provide incredible support for my desire to serve the students in our community.


  •  Kids and Families First
  • Expand Opportunities for all Students – including CTE programs, West Ada schools of choice, personalized learning, and clubs and extracurricular programs
  • Be fiscally conservative in managing growth and school facility needs

LINK TO WEBSITE: https://www.rene4westada.com/


Facebook: René Ozuna

Tom Moore

My name is Tom Moore. I grew up in a small town in East Texas. Both my grandmother and mother instilled a drive to succeed in life. Their encouragement and determination inspired me and I became the first in my Native American family to graduate from high school and eventually earn a Degree in Statistics and Computer Programming from University of Texas. Growing up in a small town, my school “Pine Tree” offered a great educational experience with teachers with PHDs that taught biology, chemistry, physics, and advanced mathematics. I initially attended a local Junior College for the first year so my mother could save funds for a State University. As my mother worked two jobs and overtime to help with my education goals. After graduation, I decided to follow my childhood dream and pursue a military career in the U.S. Navy to become a Naval Aviator. After completion of Naval Officer Candidates school, my next goal was to fly F-4 Phantom. After completing training as a Naval Flight Officer, I reported to Naval Air Station Miramar and deployed on a West PAC with the Black Knights, VF-154 on the USS Ranger CV-61 and was selected to attend the Top Gun Ground School.

At age 27, my single life turned to marrying my true love and soul mate Pamela Jo Damarus, an educator with San Diego Unified School District. We have been married over 46 years and have two children, Jessica (Retired U.S. Marine Corps Colonel and AH-1W Super Cobra Pilot) and son, Glenn (a safety officer for a national construction Company). We have three grandchildren.

Continuing my military career in the Navy as a reservist, first flying and the working in jobs at Naval Amphibious Warfare Reserves, CV61 and CV64 Reserve Carrier Commands, and finally as Inspector General Unit. In 2005 I retired as a Commander. During this time I also earned my MBA with National University in Accounting, specializing in Auditing-Tax and Finance; launched a new career in commercial real estate as a broker with Coldwell Banker Commercial Real Estate; and then established my own real estate brokerage company of CB Realty Advisors, Inc. In 2014, Pam and I relocated to Meridian, Idaho.

What does this experience mean to the voters of West Ada School District? MBA in Accounting will provide the ability to understand the very complicated financial statements of the district and to ask serious questions on the budget and financial statements, not just rubber stamp the district documents. In addition, my military experience has given me a unique perspective on Leadership, communication, accountability, training, and education.

What does my skill set bring to this position: 

  1. I will treat this like a full time job and tour schools and help them prioritize repairs and watch how your tax dollars are spent to best maintain what we have. 
  1. Laws now require that funds are based on attendance not enrollment. the district is already planning for a $7 million cutback in funding. i will make sure the #1 priority of improving learning outcomes is the last thing we reduce funding for. even if we have to wait for playgrounds and weight rooms. 
  1. The district must look at school security measures from physical attacks but also from the re-education  and with help from you we can do this to protect all kids. 
  1. Until a fiscal audit is done, which is my expertise, no new taxes will be asked for consideration. Furthermore, I’ll make tax hikes the last option not the first, as we see from the existing trustees. 
  1. Education is changing in Idaho as we move to education savings accounts and other forms of school choice. my military experience has taught me change is constant and i know how to navigate change and know that kids are my #1 priority not systems.


  • I love America and worry about declining education in America.
  • We need to secure our schools from both physical attacks and propagandizing
  • I believe in parents rights and we need parent’s help and advice in this mission. I’m here to listen to you and want your help to solve West Ada school district failures and shortcomings.
  • We must restore trust, confidence, and transparency in the West Ada and as a retired naval aviator, I value trust, integrity, and credibility. all principles that guide me every day.