May 2023 Ada County Free Library District Republican Voter Guide

Deborah Pogue

My name is Deborah Pogue and I have lived in the City of Star, residing in Ada County for nearly ten years.
I am a mom of three adult children and married to my wonderful husband of 26 years.

In raising my three children I invested an immense amount of time educating and assisting them to be avid
and good readers. Books, reading, and education are a great equalizers in society. I am personally an avid
reader and self-educator, researching many issues, subjects of interest as well history.

My business acumen and experience in volunteering within the community aid in specific experiences that
could be of value to the Ada County Free Library Board of Trustees. This elected position as a community
leader would be to keep apprised of what is going on in the libraries state-wide as well as library

My specific business qualificatoons and experience will be imperative in serving in this role of trustee. I
have a detailed understanding in managing money and accounts in addition to business management. The
understanding of how to read profit and loss statements as well as additional financial statements will be
an important skill for this role.

I have been a business manager for over ten years and have an interest in education as well as good
character and sound judgment. I possess the qualities that being a trustee will require to assist in serving
the needs of the community. My question, does the community and taxpayers believe that the library is
serving the needs of the taxpayer?

If elected to the position of trustee and as a part of the governing body of the free library service, I will be
dedicated to promoting the public education that the library has to offer. My goal is to assist in establishing
a library policy that aids in education and fits the needs of the citizens and taxpayers of the community It
serves. I would like to contribute to a plan for strategic growth in a way that facilitates the free education
of every citizen. The cooperation with the current trustees is important to support the growth and strategic
plans for the direction of the Ada County Free Library.

A few of my goals, if elected to this position, including assisting in the direction of fund expenditures, talking to
and being a liaison with the members of the community, and bringing input to the board. In addition, having a
good working relationship with the trustees, library director, and the community alike.

I know that it is very important to be an informed and dedicated representative representing a cross
section of the community, while listening to the needs and wants of the taxpayers.

Renee Trommler

We are very blessed to be in the community we live in (heron river) and because of the life we enjoy I feel it is so important to look for ways to give back and to serve not only to show our appreciation but to also help ensure that future generations have access to the same opportunities and civic advantages we have valued and cherished.

Maybe it is the fact that Robert and I never had children of our own that we feel a heightened duty to help support and educate and protect our societies, young people, especially when it comes to education, learning, and teaching them to also value our country and its rich history. And community libraries play such a pivotal and foundational part in helping the education process to be sustained and well-established.

That is why it would indeed be a privilege for me to serve as a trustee of the ada county library system.

Through my career, I have had decades of professional experience in business management, marketing, leadership and staff training and I would love to bring those skills and abilities to bear as a library trustee to make certain the future of our county libraries is bright and secure.

I was raised in up-state new york and developed an early love and appreciation for books and our local library. I had stacks of books in our home and loved the feeling of having new volumes of adventures and learning at my fingertips. I can’t imagine how empty my childhood and early years would have been without those stories and wonderful fictional worlds to live through and learn from and enjoy.

So it would be a honor to be part of the library system to help pass this part of learning on to our younger (and older) generations. I know that our world continues to be shifting to a more digital format but there is something special about holding a book in our hands and paging through the volume that clicking on a personal digital device doesn’t offer.

Some of my past career positions that have served to educate and train me have included:

– I managed and successfully grew a chain of health clubs, and was a competitive athlete

– I was (and am) a real estate broker. Was vp of sales for shea homes (a major residential and industrial developer in california)

– I am currently a branch manager of hightechlending (a direct lender in residential real estate) in partnership with my husband

– I have completed thousands of hours in training in communications, human behavior and also hold a bachelors degree in bio-chemistry

When I think of the major goals and objectives I would work towards as a trustee, these include:

1) maintain and grow our libraries with access for all

2) preserve the libraries as a special place for our children to have for personal education and enjoyment

3) look for new ways to introduce and support the wonders of reading and learning to a young generation that is so surrounded and focused (and sometimes distracted) by the digital world

I would truly love to have the distinction and opportunity to serve our community by being elected as an ada county library trustee

Melodie Huttash

Mary Ann Saunders

The candidate declined to participate in the Republican voter guide.