Star City Council Republican Voter Guide

David Hershey

I am David Hershey, I  have served on Star City Council for the last six years.  My full time job is serving as a Contracting Officer for the US Forest Service.  I procure the aviation needed for our firefighting operations.  I am also an Adjunct Professor with American Military University. My other passion is support of the Star Outreach Foodbank.  I believe in service, and have chosen to live my life in providing service; service to my country first as a United States Marine, and now supporting our wonderful firefighter; service to those expanding their education, and service to my community by serving on City Council and serving in the Star Outreach.


  • Keep Star Fiscally Sound
  • Continue to work to manage growth with detailed planning and continued updates to our plans and tools along with working with all entities involved.
  • Support for Star’s committees and programs.  These are the people that bring the markets, the events to our city, and bring events that allow people to come together in our city, plus so much more.

LINK TO WEBSITE:  https://www.facebook.com/HersheyStarCityCouncil

LINK TO FBhttps://www.facebook.com/david.hershey.775/

Kevan Wheelock

I’m Running!  My name is Kevan Wheelock. I have raised my family here in Star, we have served with the city since its birth. I have watched and prepared for the time I could use my experience to help the city as a city councilman. I have a great knowledge of how the local government works and relationships with many people that serve our community. I own Star Crane with my wife of 28 years Judy. She and I love this town and we are ready to work.  I would appreciate your support and vote on November 2nd, 2021!


  • Fund and Support Public Safety
  • Strategically Plan for Growth and Traffic
  • Enhance Parks & Recreation

LINK TO FB: https://www.facebook.com/WheelockForStar/