Meridian City Council Republican Voter Guide

Robert Simison

Mayor Robert Simison is a native of Pocatello, Idaho and a graduate of Whitman College. He was elected as Mayor in 2019 and is focused on ensuring that Meridian remains a safe community built around families. As Mayor, he has focused on improving the transportation network, investing in public safety, and delivering premier services to the public. His efforts have advanced several road projects, and the building of two new fire stations and a police precinct. Mayor Simison is a lifelong Republican, and was appointed by President Trump in 2020 to serve on the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, a position he held until 2023. He has been actively engaged with the Meridian Chamber of Commerce for over 15 years, is a board member of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwest Idaho, and is married with three children.


  • Public Safety and City Services: Our primary function as a City is to deliver premier services that keep the public safe and enhance our quality of life. Specifically, I am committed to ensuring we have police and fire personnel and facilities deployed when and where they are needed to keep Meridian families safe and our community thriving.
    • Transportation: I am working with key partners and making fiscally responsible investments to advance transportation projects, improve road and intersection safety, and add more sidewalks and pathways – making it easier and safer for families to get from point A to B.
    • Responsible Growth: I am using common sense and being fiscally conservative to have growth pay for growth as we guide it in a responsible manner by working with civic, community and development partners to deliver premier services to Meridian’s families.

LINK TO WEBSITE: www.simisonformeridian.com


Facebook: Mayor Robert Simison

Michael Hon

I have been living in the State of Idaho since 1991. I have lived in Boise, Eagle, and now Meridian. I am a father; I have raised three children to adulthood here in the Treasure Valley. I have a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University and a Master of Business Administration from the City University of New York. I am a small business owner. My corporate experience consists of sales, marketing, and business development in large corporations such as Micron Technology and First Data Corporation. I have been in the local real estate business since 2005; I am a licensed real estate broker and have been involved in commercial and residential investment properties, property management, and land development. I am the State Committeeman and Precinct 2017 Committeeman for the Ada County Republican Party. These two positions have allowed me to develop relationships with State Legislators, County Commissioners and Officials, and city officials from Boise, Eagle, Star, and Kuna. I have volunteered time as a Cub Scout Den Leader, and Boy Scout Assistant Scoutmaster with a Pack and Troop in Eagle, Idaho. I have volunteered as an assistant coach at West Valley Little League. I am a problem solver and an “out of the box” thinker. Career city officials and politicians often are focused on how much more money can they extract from the taxpayer for their agendas. As your Mayor, I will focus on how we can efficiently run the city of Meridian yet continue to deliver the service levels needed by our growing population.

Meridian is a special place – and I plan to keep it that way. I plan to balance the growth, and focus on infrastructure, supporting law & order, and opportunities to maintain a great quality of life.


  • Safety: Meridian’s population has increased by 23% since 2019 under the current developer-backed Mayor. Heavy promotion of Meridian as a great place to raise a family has triggered this influx of escapees from Blue States. We now contend with unbearable traffic, lack of schools, and high-density apartments popping up like weeds. In addition, the open borders with Mexico have brought an increase in crime and fentanyl-related deaths across the Treasure Valley. We are at risk on our roads, at schools, and in our homes. As Mayor, I will ensure proper funding for Meridian’s first responders with staffing, equipment, and training to keep Meridian safe and to combat the growing crime and fentanyl issues.
  • Family: In 2018, the City Council approved an ordinance that allows biological males to use the same public bathroom facilities in Meridian that are used by our daughters, wives, and mothers. In 2022, the Mayor signed a proclamation supporting a Boise festival that included events that sexualized children. I will support repealing the SOGI ordinance the current Mayor supported. Under my leadership, I will support measures to protect our children and families rather than put them in harm’s way. I will work with state legislators on school impact fees for builders, focus on infrastructure for transporting the public, and repealing ordinances that inhibit small businesses.
  • Community: Community feedback is an important part of a city’s growth. In the past, the citizens voices have gone unheard as the agendas of developers and builders are pushed forward. Unfettered growth driven by developers and builders does not result in beneficial sustainable growth. I will commit to listening to the real issues brought forth by community members vs. special interests. I will listen to ALL community voices.

Brad Hoaglun

I’m a long-time Meridian resident, arriving here with my family in 1970. My parents, Stan and Sandy Hoaglun, worked for what was then called the Meridian School District, now West Ada. My father was a teacher, coach, and counselor at Meridian High School. I am blessed to still have them living in Meridian.

After graduating from Meridian High School, I attended Whitworth University for two years before transferring to the College of Idaho, graduating with a B.A. in Political Science. During college, I married my wife, Chandos, who grew up on a dairy farm in northwest Meridian. We just celebrated our 43rd wedding anniversary in July. 

My experience working in local government began in 1986 when I served as the assistant to Boise Mayor Dirk Kempthorne and the City Council. During a crucial time in the development of downtown Boise, I was involved in the collaborative process between city leaders, local businesses, and citizens, bringing about the foundation for the current Boise downtown.

In 1991, we moved to Washington D.C. with our two children to work in the Bush administration. As an assistant to a presidential appointee, David Leroy, I worked on locating a voluntary storage facility for commercial spent nuclear fuel. 

After returning to Idaho in 1995, I worked on the family dairy farm for a couple of years and then became self-employed providing professional administration for statewide organizations, including legislative lobbying for those groups at the state capitol. That experience led me to become the Director of Government Relations in Idaho for the American Cancer Society in 2004.

I returned to government in 2006, serving as the Director of Communications for Governor Jim Risch and then as the Chief Deputy Controller for State Controller Donna Jones. During this time, Meridian Mayor Tammy de Weerd appointed me to fill a vacancy on the Meridian City Council in 2008. I ran for the seat in 2009, winning a four-year term.

In 2009, I became the Director of Communications for U.S. Senator Jim Risch, working out of Boise. After going to work for the Saint Alphonsus Health System as their Director of Communications and Public Relations in 2013, I chose not to seek re-election.

Since 2019, I have been the Director of Communications for the non-profit Mission Aviation Fellowship in Nampa. MAF is a Christian organization that provides aviation services to more than 450 Christian and humanitarian organizations serving people in the world’s most remote areas.

I was honored to be elected to the Meridian City Council again in 2019.

In my free time, my wife and I enjoy spoiling our three grandchildren, exploring Idaho’s backcountry, and finding new varieties of fruits or vegetables to grow in our garden.


  • Responsible Smart Growth: It’s no secret that we have experienced exponential growth in the past ten years. Meridian is no longer the small farming town of my youth. While unavoidable, growth must be responsible. As growth happens it must meet our community expectations and protect our quality of life. I support development projects that comply with the city’s long-term planning document, which is the comprehensive plan. As your councilmember, I will continue to listen to neighbors’ concerns when projects are proposed. Working together, we can continue to protect the Meridian quality of life we have come to enjoy. 
  • Supporting Police & Fire: The safety of Meridian’s residents, and the security of their homes and businesses, is a foundational role of government. It is critical that staffing and equipment for law enforcement keeps up with growth. We continue to hire officers in a challenging employment environment. The stellar reputation of Meridian’s Police Department, its leadership team, and investment in equipment and training is an important component in bringing quality law enforcement officers into our community to serve. Applicants that want to serve in Meridian undergo a thorough background check and interview process. We want to employ men and women who understand the concept of service for citizens in a difficult work environment. For officers that are hired, a comprehensive training program is in place to reduce risk in their work environment, ensure proper techniques in police work, and develop teamwork and service the Meridian way. To improve training, a “scenario village” was opened in August of 2021. This scenario training village is a combined facility for our Police and Fire departments. The exterior of the facility mimics businesses with the interior accurately portraying commercial layouts and residential living spaces. The interior can be reconfigured for any fire, police, or medical scenario. Multiple trainings can be held at the same time and the interior can become a night-time scenario even in the middle of the day. This training center is an investment in the safety of all our first responders, and allows for realistic training to prepare them for the variety of calls they may respond to. I supported the building of a training center starting in 2008, and I will continue to make public safety a top priority. I’m proud to have voted in this recent budget to hire six more police officers, as well as supporting Mayor Simison’s request for three new school resource officers (SROs) in the fall of 2022 and three more in early 2023. Each SRO is assigned to three elementary schools and allow the existing SROs to focus only on the middle and high schools. We are also opening our first police precinct in north Meridian at the location of one of two new fire stations. In March of 2020, we opened Fire Station 6 on Overland Road. Fire Stations #7 and #8 will open in the fall of 2023. These additional fire stations will reduce the strain on our existing stations and provide stable response times. The investment in these new facilities also requires the funding for firefighters, their training, and equipment. In May of 2022 a new ladder truck, Truck 31, came into service at Fire Station One. Fire Station Two received a new “Quint” truck in July of 2023. A “quint” refers to the five main tools the truck has, which are a pump, water tank, hoses, aerial device and ground ladders. Besides investment in equipment and training, we need to keep salaries competitive to continue to attract and retain quality police officers and fire fighters. 
  • Fiscal Conservative: As your councilmember, I keep a tight rein on our budgets. I’m not afraid to ask city staff tough questions when they come for an increase to ensure taxpayer dollars are being wisely spent. We must provide critical services to our citizens and at the same time prioritize those needs. The government must never forget that it’s not their money, but our hard-earned money. Meridian does not have any bonds and as we plan for future needs, like fire stations and equipment, we save for it. It may be old-fashioned, but it works!
  • Property Taxes: I do not believe the city should automatically take the 3% maximum allowable budget increase each year. Departments must explain and justify any increase (beyond inflationary costs). New spending must be essential to our core priorities. With elderly parents who now live on fixed income in Meridian, and my son, daughter-in-law, and three grandchildren that live in town as well and getting started in life, I see the impact property tax increases have on a wide range of people. I believe in fiscal responsibility and continue our policy of saving to pay for future facilities and equipment.

Elizabeth “Liz” Strader

I’m a Meridian mom, your neighbor in District 2, and your representative humbly seeking re-election to Meridian City Council. In 2019, I ran for office as a political newcomer because I wanted our residents to have a strong, and independent voice with the professional skills to help us handle all of the growth we are experiencing. With growth as our biggest challenge and opportunity, my campaign declines political contributions from real estate developers to maintain people’s trust, a practice I am continuing in this election.

I was born and raised in the Treasure Valley. I have an extensive professional background in finance and commercial real estate which includes co-founding my own company, investing in companies through seed funding, and managing a loan syndication team for a large commercial bank. I have been blessed to be a Meridian mom of four, married to my husband for 17 years, and we recently welcomed twins into our family. During the pandemic I was given the opportunity to homeschool my children as well. I volunteer and give to various organizations, have spent time in the past teaching at our synagogue, and continue to serve at different times on public and private boards.

Republican values of faith, family, and freedom resonate with me. From a personal perspective, I am very aware of how important it is that all of our families’ religious and other freedoms are protected and that we are safe in our community. Conservatism is the philosophy that best addresses the modern challenges that we face with durability. I think it’s important as a relatively younger Republican to help our party lead the way in showing examples of how that can be done locally.


  • Safe Community Centered on Families: Meridian is successful because we put families and the needs of all ages and stages at the center of everything we do. Examples include advocating for safe multi-use pathways that are detached from the road (instead of bike lanes in the road), where parents feel safe biking with their kids. It includes getting feedback from parents on where we need to enhance our safe crossings to school and improve our intersections with our partners at West Ada and ACHD, and building parks that offer something for all ages. Most importantly, the bedrock of Meridian must include more investment in our first responders. That need goes much deeper than just building new stations. We need to build our bench and continue to make investments in the fire and police force to maintain the response times and talent that Meridian residents deserve on the worst day of their lives. I back the blue very vocally, including on social media and at times when it’s not politically convenient but it’s simply the right thing to do. I also view tough situations as an opportunity for discussion and community education and am very proactive in my leadership style. I am proud to have earned the endorsement of the Fraternal Order of the Police.
  • Conservative Approach to Growth: I am a firm believer that listening to feedback from our neighborhoods as we grow is important to our future city. To me, responsible growth includes (1) placing density in transportation corridors and evaluating our comprehensive plan regularly to maintain the right balance of housing and other real estate uses in our city, (2) making sure we have the fire resources for larger / higher buildings and consideration of the service level of all departments as we grow, (3) working with ACHD and West Ada to coordinate our growth, and finally (4) priority growth areas. I do not accept developer campaign donations, but I do want to make sure that our development community has a fair playing field and consistent expectations so they can meet a high bar.
  • Careful Use of Resources: I am passionate about not just saving taxpayer money in a single year, but reducing our ongoing operating costs for future decades. We have a lot of opportunities to lead the way. An example of this is fiscally responsible environmental stewardship. We can find taxpayer savings at the center of solutions that are also great for our air and our water. I used my background in finance and business to write our Clean Energy Resolution in 2020. After passing it, we found taxpayer savings on future operating costs in converting our streetlights to LED lighting, using our biogas at the wastewater plant for fuel, pursuing a biosolids drying facility to reduce trips to the landfill, and energy audits. The resolution ensures we protect our clean air and water while saving taxpayer dollars. Along that vein, I am notorious for my spreadsheets, asking a lot of questions, and I like to dive into the details on issues.

LINK TO WEBSITE: www.lizlovesidaho.com


Facebook: Elizabeth Strader

Instagram: Elizabeth Strader

Doug Taylor

Doug’s family roots run deep in Idaho. A fourth-generation Idahoan who grew up just outside of Idaho Falls, Doug learned from firsthand experience the value of hard work while lending a hand to help your neighbor. Doug’s parents owned a small janitorial supply business. At an early age, Doug jumped in to help with the business, whether sweeping the warehouse floor or refinishing gym floors in the local high schools. Doug was active in scouting and high school sports and found time to earn his Eagle Scout rank.

After high school and spending two years on a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Doug enrolled at Brigham Young University. He graduated with university honors in English and Business Management. Soon after, Doug and his wife Adele moved to Washington, DC, where Doug enrolled in graduate school at The George Washington University and began his early career focused on public service.

Doug spent five years as a policy advisor in the U.S. Senate, three years representing the Idaho National Laboratory in Congress, and almost six years as a Chief of Staff in the U.S. House of Representatives. Doug’s time serving in these roles filled his strong passion to serve and give back to the committee.

In the private sector, Doug has experience working as a commercial real estate agent specializing in multi-family transactions. Today Doug owns his own consulting firm, right in our region, helping clients navigate the complexities of state government.

Both Doug and his wife Adele have volunteered with the youth at their church and Doug has coached football and soccer with Meridian Pal and Optimist Football. His community and non-profit service also includes time on the steering committee for the Meridian Comprehensive Plan. He also served as President of the Idaho State Society, Finance Chair and precinct committeeman in the Idaho Republican Party, and as a board member of the Idaho Apartment Association.

In 2013 Doug and Adele chose Meridian as their new home because they knew it would be the best place to raise their four children. Their children, ages 9-16, attend public schools in the West Ada School district and are active in youth sports and community music programs.


  • Manage growth responsibly
  • Hold government accountable
  • Stand up for traditional family values

LINK TO WEBSITE: https://www.dougformeridian.com/


Facebook: Doug Taylor

Bill Chandler

I’ve been a resident of Idaho since 2004 and have lived in Meridian since 2011.

I currently operate a watch service and repair shop in Downtown Meridian (Meridian Watch Repair)

I have been married for 38 years.

I believe in God and the Constitution.


  • Correct the Meridian City Government policies & actions to ensure Citizens Rights (under the Constitution) to allow them pursuit of Life, Liberty and
    Happiness.  (the current city government has abridged these during the past 3 years).  I will work to secure these and see they will not be trampled again.
  • I vow to vote FOR policies that PROTECT our Children’s innocence: I WILL work tirelessly to remove sexually explicit material from Public facilities, buildings, and gatherings and ensure CHILDREN feel safe at Public facilities and buildings. I vow to make Meridian a SAFE HARBOR CITY for Children.
  • Work to make the City budget fully transparent: Ensure the Citizens of Meridian ONLY pay for services Rendered by their taxes and that the City does not accept, tax or spend Monies that do not go directly toward these infrastructure needs. work to ‘return’ excess taxes back to the Citizens.
  • Remove censorship at public meetings: Allow citizens the right to ‘redress’ their elected officials.  remove time limits on comments. Citizens who attend the public meetings have the right to speak and be heard.

LINK TO WEBSITE: https://bill4meridian.com/

John Overton

John Overton has lived in Meridian for 46 years and graduated from Meridian High School and Boise State. He served over 27 years in the Meridian Police Department. He is a dedicated public servant who has spent his career preserving our high quality of life for the people he has sworn to protect. John lives in Woodbridge with his wife, Nora, of 31 years. He has 2 children and 6 grandchildren.


  • Keeping Our Community Safe: John served on the Meridian Police Department for 27 years, and protecting our quality of life is his highest priority. John believes in community policing. We can’t overlook issues like many big cities do because they will become big problems later.
  • Smart Growth: John has lived in Meridian since 1977, when our population was under 7,000 people, and he graduated from Meridian High School in 1982. We must manage future growth through careful planning and working cooperatively with residents and neighboring cities. John supports the right project in the right place.
  • Reduce Traffic: Meridian has some of the worst traffic in the entire state. John will work hard on options to reduce congestion and increase safety for drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists. Some options may involve roadway engineering, speed limit changes, increased intersection safety, public transportation, and light rail from Caldwell to Boise.






Ann Little Roberts

Idaho born. Meridian by choice.

Yes, I’m a native Idahoan. I was born and raised on a sheep and cattle ranch.

A little over 26 years ago, we chose to make Meridian our home. I  have one son, Nick, who is in college,  and a beautiful Chesapeake Bay Retriever named Major, who loves the Meridian dog parks.

I want the best for Meridian.  My former husband and still good friend, Doug, and I chose to make Meridian our home 27 years ago. We have owned several businesses since then, including a manufacturing business and a fitness studio. And we still own a company based out of Meridian and operate in eight states.

My passion for this community runs deep. For example, for six years, I served as President / CEO of the Meridian Chamber of Commerce, leading the effort to grow the Chamber membership by a significant number. As Chamber president, I was proud to help our Meridian businesses grow. I represented them by representing the business community in economic development issues and dealing with government agencies.  I was also instrumental in getting the Young Entrepreneur’s Academy started at the Chamber. This program teaches teens how to turn an idea for a business into an actual company, and in that program, more than 30 of our area’s youth have done just that!

I was also President of the Idaho Chamber Alliance, working closely with chambers throughout Idaho. As president of that organization, I spearheaded the successful effort to direct workforce training funds to career technical education, and many Meridian businesses directly benefited from people receiving much-needed training.

I served on the Meridian City Council (2016-2019), where I learned how to get things done in our city’s government.  As a council member, I have been instrumental in our successful economic planning and planning for safety issues in our growing community. Having worked closely with our police, fire, public works, and parks and recreation departments, I’ve learned firsthand the needs of these organizations. I have a good sense of how to keep our community connected and moving forward.

Additionally, I have an extensive background working with our community’s nonprofits. This includes serving six years on the Idaho Nonprofit Center Board, during which “Idaho Gives” Day was started.  Idaho Gives has just completed its eleventh year and has raised more than $10.3 million for Idaho’s nonprofit organizations.  I also helped create a successful nonprofit, House of Hope, that became Housing+ High School = Success,  here in Meridian.

I graduated from Boise State University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and a minor in Human Resources. I have my IOM certification from the Institute for Organizational Management through the United States Chamber of Commerce.

On a personal note, I love to golf – especially with my son, Nick, – and I thoroughly enjoy being outside in our city’s beautiful parks.


  • Growth: Meridian is an amazing place to live, which we have all enjoyed, so it’s no wonder that others have wanted to live here, too!  Through the incredible growth that Meridian has had in the last decade-plus, we have managed to maintain our hometown feel.  It has been recognized nationally as one of the best cities in the United States to live and raise a family. We need to continue to look at ways to manage growth.  Meridian’s close collaboration with the Idaho Department of Transportation (ITD) and Ada County Highway District (ACHD) needs to continue to be strengthened, as well as the strong relationship with the West Ada School District.  We must work with our legislature to improve how cities can collect and pay for growth.
  • Police: Despite our rapid growth, we have managed to remain a safe community.  For this to continue, we must continue to support our police.  The unfortunate series of national events and the increased cost of living in Treasure Valley have made it harder to recruit officers. Adding a northern police precinct will make it more efficient to police traffic and improve response times in North Meridian, and be close to our newest high school, Owyhee High School. The addition of six school resource officers in the elementary schools not only helps give elementary students a chance to interact with the police daily but also provides an officer on the property in the event of an emergency.
  • Fire: Not only has Meridian grown, but the look of our city has changed.  We had a significant shortage of apartments and have built many.  Now, our firefighters have to prepare for a fire in residential buildings much larger than we have had before.  We recently opened one new fire station and will open a second one soon.  This helps distribute our firefighters throughout the community and reduces response times.  But as we continue to grow, we need to look for innovative ways to get our first responders to the people most efficiently.
  • Parks and Recreation: One of the many attractions to Meridian is the access to our many parks and open spaces.  Along with our parks, we have an indoor sports facility, a community swimming pool, and a municipal golf course.  Those amenities provide an almost unlimited activity opportunity, and many are available through our Parks and Recreation Department.

Todd Ebeling

What makes me the right candidate?
I have both administrative leadership & vision-casting entrepreneurial skill sets. Business owners who are resourceful and innovative in nature are those who think outside of the box, break the status quo, and are problem solvers. After 40+ years of being involved in business management (31+ years of actual ownership) that’s what I do best!

Those qualities will be needed on the city council now more than ever with Meridian’s popularity & growth!

About me:

Business Owner
I have owned and operated a profitable business for 31+ years. I provide our employees with a positive & clean work environment with livable wages and insurance benefits, largely due to moving to Meridian from Portland where the growth of the business was hindered.

Involved Citizen
My wife of 39 years and I have lived in Meridian for 12 years. I love the city, parks, and community areas we all enjoy. I volunteer in my neighborhood and local church, am active in conservative groups, and attend in-person or online city council meetings to stay up to date on the issues the city is facing.

Non-Profit Supporter
I am a generous supporter of non-profits that promote conservative values, including Stanton Healthcare, Turning Point USA, Samaritan’s Purse, local churches, and other charitable organizations that touch our city, nation, and world.

Hobbies & Interests
When I have the time, I enjoy designing and building custom cars and recently completed a custom Jeep. I also enjoy mountain biking, snow skiing, and biking on the greenbelt with my family and friends.


  • I’m for Family-friendly policies that protect traditional family values. I raised 3 kids with my high school sweetheart, all of whom are now married homeowners in Meridian, with 6 grandkids and one more on the way. I support parents’ rights, school-choice, and our children’s safety in our community. These are my highest priorities and my driving force for running.
  • I’m Pro Fire & Police. They have our backs when we need them most in our moments of crisis, and we need to have their backs as a properly managed city and supportive community.
  • I’m for properly managed and balanced development that matches our city infrastructure and resources. I welcome newcomers who are seeking that “better life” just as we did. My experience working with city planners & developing properties will be an asset to this cause and I’m very familiar with the weight of making business decisions that affect people’s lives and families.
  • I’m for the protection of conservative & morally upright values. Values that have stood the test of time. Values that work for the good of the people and serve the will of the people.
  • I’m Pro Business. I know what it’s like to try to “make it” on an hourly wage through multiple recessions. The average Idahoan is facing a lot right now and I want to see personal freedom encouraged and hard work rewarded. We know policies impact people. When businesses flourish, families and our community’s flourish!

LINK TO WEBSITE: https://www.toddebeling.com/


Facebook: Todd Ebeling

Instagram: Todd Ebeling