Kuna School Board Council Republican Voter Guide

Kyrsti Bruce

I’m a wife of 20+ years. A mother of 2 two amazing boys. I worked years as a elementary & high school substitute teacher. I left my recent administrative assistant job years ago to manage my online business. Most important, my job is a mother. I’m passionate about helping children. That’s why running for school board is important. I’ll be restless making sure every voice is heard!


1. Bridge the gap between parents and the school district.

2. Be the voice for teachers at the highest level of the district..

3. Focus on student education. Reading, writing and arithmetic!

Eleanor Hurst

Sallie Ann McAuthur

Mike Ambler

I’ve lived in Idaho for 17 years and Idaho is where we are raising our three wonderful children. I am a follower of Christ, a husband to my wife, and a daddy to my children. I’m a former firefighter/EMT and I’ve been in the seat of many of the tower cranes you’ve seen over Boise.


1. Parental right to choose for their children.

2. Keeping Critical Race Theory and social emotional learning out of the schools.

3. Promoting a safe environment where both teachers and students can thrive, not just survive.