Kuna City Council Republican Voter Guide

Joseph Stear

  • Raised in Kuna, Kuna Kaveman, Raised my family in Kuna, Still here because it’s Kuna
  • Served Kuna Fire District for 35 years as a firefighter/ EMT and later as a Fire Commissioner
  • Owned Kuna Machine Shop 1979-2016
  • Kuna City Council 2012-2016
  • Kuna Mayor 2016-Present
  • Have served on many associations. Idaho State Fire Commissioners Association President to most recently Association of Idaho Cities President as well as numerous boards, local and regional.


  • As a community there are many things that we are lacking. Our kids are of utmost importance as are our Senior Citizens. We lack a recreation facility but we won’t get there until we bond for one. With the current property tax fluctuation from commercial to residential I am not willing to risk adding more line items, until I can ensure that we aren’t running our seniors out of their homes. Always looking at alternatives. We have a need for more sports fields and parks. This one we are addressing with the use of park impact fees.  
  • Growth is a major issue for all of the communities in the Treasure Valley and beyond.  There are many facets to this one, such as schools and roads. Taking care of the folks that live here first.
  • Keeping Kuna the community that it is. When people need help, there is an abundance of those that will step in. We are a friendly and caring bunch of folks.


Facebook: Joe Stear

Bobby Rossadillo

Bobby Rossadillo is a dedicated and accomplished professional with a rich background in management and leadership in the field of medical device sales. With a strong educational foundation, including a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Boise State University and a Bachelor Degree in Applied Management, Bobby has not only excelled in the corporate world but also has been an active and engaged member of the Kuna community.

As a local business owner and a parent with children attending school in Kuna, Bobby understands the challenges and opportunities that families face in our community. This personal connection has deepened his commitment to fostering economic growth and prosperity in Kuna. Serving as the President of the Kuna Chamber of Commerce, Bobby has worked tirelessly to support local businesses and promote collaboration within the community.

Bobby’s passion for youth development is exemplified through his prior service as a KYSBA youth softball coach. He recognizes the importance of mentorship and nurturing the potential of the next generation. Moreover, as the co-leader of the Kuna Business Alliance, Bobby has demonstrated his ability to bring local business owners together to achieve common goals.

In addition to his professional and community commitments, Bobby Rossadillo is actively involved in giving back to Kuna. His volunteer work at the Kuna Community Food Bank showcases his dedication to improving the lives of those in need.

With a proven track record of leadership, a deep commitment to the Kuna community, and a wealth of experience in professional management and business, Bobby Rossadillo is the ideal candidate to lead our community forward. His vision for a thriving, inclusive, and prosperous Kuna is one that all residents can rally behind. Join Bobby in his journey to make Kuna a better place for everyone. Vote for Bobby Rossadillo, a leader for progress and a parent invested in our community’s future.


Responsible Community Growth:

  1. Preserve Kuna’s character: Promote sustainable growth that maintains our unique identity.
  2. Invest in infrastructure: Prioritize roads and utilities to support our expanding community.
  3. Align growth with needs: Ensure efficient land use planning that reflects community desires.

Local Business Development:

  1. Empower local businesses: Create an environment for them to thrive and generate jobs.
  2. Attract new businesses: Initiate efforts to bring in culturally aligned, preferably local, enterprises.
  3. Partner with business associations: Collaborate to address specific local business needs.

Community Empowerment:

  1. Resident participation: Encourage active involvement in shaping Kuna’s future.
  2. Engage citizens: Establish programs for participation in decision-making and community projects.
  3. Strengthen partnerships: Collaborate between government, nonprofits, and civic groups to address community needs collectively.

LINK TO WEBSITE: www.Bobby4Kuna.com


Facebook: Bobby Rossadillo for Kuna Mayor

Cristin Sandu

Cristin Sandu’s life journey has been a series of unexpected twists and turns, shaping him into the multifaceted man he is today. Born to an immigrant from Moldova, he grew up in Las Vegas, immersed in the world of circus entertainment. Following in his father’s footsteps, Cristin became a performer, dazzling audiences on prestigious stages and even appearing on “America’s Got Talent.”

His career then evolved into entertainment production, orchestrating events for renowned occasions and celebrities. However, the COVID-19 pandemic pushed him to pivot towards a career in trucking. Cristin obtained his CDL license, eventually becoming an owner-operator and establishing his trucking company, specializing in deliveries.

Amid these transitions, he found love in a coffee shop, marrying the barista and starting a family. Although they faced heartache with a tragic loss of their first child, they recently welcomed their daughter, Lucia, into the world, cementing their connection to Kuna, Idaho.

Today, as a passionate advocate for Kuna, Cristin aims to address the town’s challenges and prioritize its residents’ well-being. His diverse experiences have instilled a commitment to putting Kuna first, making him a mayoral candidate with a unique perspective and dedication to the community’s future.


Community Enhancement:

  1. Strengthen vital services: Boost emergency, youth, and education services.
  2. Revitalize infrastructure: Upgrade with comprehensive plans and funding.
  3. Prioritize maintenance: Ensure regular inspections and preventive care.

Economic Empowerment:

  1. Support local businesses: Grants, loans, and incubators for growth.
  2. Foster transparency: Ethics commission, open data, and community engagement.
  3. Uphold accountability: Independent oversight and ethical governance.

Community Well-being & Education:

  1. Strengthen community bonds: Focus on policing, youth engagement, and safety.
  2. Enhance education and parks: Upgrade facilities, renovate parks, and promote accessibility.
  3. Prioritize local interests: Support businesses and ensure community-centered governance.

LINK TO WEBSITE: http://www.sanduforkuna.com/


Facebook: Cristin Sandu for Kuna Mayor

Greg McPherson