Kuna City Council Republican Voter Guide

Chris Bruce

My wife and I are parents of two boys (10, 13) and a husband to a beautiful wife of 20+ years. I started originating mortgages in 2001. I have held branch manager and loan officer positions in the mortgage industry. During the 2008 financial downturn I went back to the automotive service industry as a service advisor. I have the white-collar skillset with a blue-collar work ethic!

I’ve always had a passion to help people. I am a Leukemia A.L.L cancer survivor. I am social and outgoing and have true caring for the community’s well-being. I am a God-fearing Christian and I truly believe that I’m so very blessed to be alive.

I love my family, friends and my sports… Baseball, Football, Hockey, and MotoGP!

I love serving my community!  Here are my community commitments:  Board of Directors at Kuna Chamber of Commerce; Superintendent Advisory Council at Kuna Jt. School District No. 3 (former); Kuna Economic Development Committee (Community Rep); Honored Hero at LLS Light; The Night Coach & Umpire at (Kysba) Kuna Youth Softball Baseball Association; Youth Football Coach at Optimist Youth Football; Cheer Wellness Advocate at Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Idaho & Montana Branch; Mortgage Loan Officer #1435739 at PMR – Premier Mortgage Resources LLC – NMLS #1169


  • I support reasonable growth. Growth is currently putting pressure on our infrastructure and school systems. We need to have sustainable growth. Growth that pays for itself. (Including School Funding) This would also reduce the amount of school levies assessed to your property taxes.
  • I support social well-being for youth/teens. (Recreational Areas) Our youth and teens are losing in Idaho. With the growth in mental and emotional health issues. We need to make sure our children have recreational outlet areas to spend time and grow skills.
  • I support emergency response infrastructure. With our growing community it is imperative that we have the emergency services needed to provide a safe community. Even on the southside of the tracks.
  • I support your right to bear arms. The II amendment is now and has always been one of the most important. We have the right to protect ourselves from danger. As well as have the ability to provide food for our families. I will never vote to take this right away. Or add ridiculous restrictions that infringe upon this right. If our firearms are taken then the criminals and the govt will be the only ones with them. That in itself should scare you.

LINK TO WEBSITE  Brucefor22.com

LINK TO FB: https://www.facebook.com/ChrisForKuna

Jeff Marler

I grew up in Spokane Washington and graduated from Washington State University (GO COUGS!) with a B.A. in Business Administration and I spent the following 23 years in Retail Management with various organizations.  I have lived in the great state of Idaho for the past 27 years and in Kuna for over 7 years where I plan to retire.  Before moving to Kuna,  I purchased the Lynwood Market grocery store in Twin Falls and made one of my dreams come true, business ownership & entrepreneur until my business became one of the many casualties of the Recession of 2008.

i moved to Kuna in 2014 where I have been employed by Sparklight Business (Formerly Cable One Business) for over 7 years.  I am married to an amazing lady and we have 5 grown children between us and we are blessed with two awesome grandkids.  I am a complete newbie to the political scene and pride myself in wanting to get involved (especially during these crazy times) in my local community and to help in making the average citizen’s voice heard.   In my opinion, I think we need some new blood at every level of our government from the local to the national and get back to listening to the “People” whom they represent.


  • I support a slower and more managed growth process with more focus and attention on the infrastructure needs that come with that growth.
  • Economic development is one of the keys to a successful future for Kuna and an expansion of a variety of products & services is even more important now.
  • Recreation options for the youth of Kuna is also in need of improvement as it does not appear to be keeping up with the significant growth we have experienced.

LINK TO WEBSITE: jeffcmarler.com




John Laraway

My name is John Laraway, and I am running for Kuna City Council.  I spent 21 years in the U.S. Coast Guard, retiring in 1996, I then went on to serve in the Ada County Sheriff’s Office in various capacities -including the chief of police in Kuna 2005-2007, and the chief of police in Star from 2011 until I retired in 2016.

I am married to Karlynn Laraway, and we have two adult children; Our daughter Kelsea is 25, and our son Brandon is 21.  Our children were raised in Kuna, attended school in Kuna and both graduated from Kuna High School.  We are looking forward to our daughter’s wedding in February!  My wife has spent her career in education and previously worked for the Kuna School District for almost ten years.

I was appointed to the Kuna City Council in September 2020 to fill a vacancy and was one of 5 applicants considered by the mayor.  Prior to my appointment to city council, I served on the City of Kuna Planning and Zoning for two years.   I am running for a 4-year term to continue to serve the citizens of Kuna. Kuna is on the right track.  We spent several months working to update our comprehensive plan and we are engaged in regular meetings to discuss infrastructure to support the long-term plan and we are addressing ongoing challenges and responding to changes in needs as they arise.

I believe my experience in planning and zoning, and my time as the Chief of Police in Kuna, I am uniquely qualified to understand the challenges we face in managing growth, maintaining our identity, and managing a fiscally responsible budget. Additionally, as a retiree, I have the time necessary to carry out the responsibilities of a city council member, that will benefit Kuna.


  • My priorities are to assure we build a strong infrastructure to support growth that complements our comprehensive plan.  Kuna has the lowest average home price in Ada County, providing an attractive place for people to settle and raise their families.   As Kuna’s identity as a ‘small town’ changes with the increase in our population, we can still maintain the quality of life many of us sought when moving here.
  • Safety is another priority for our citizens. As a career law enforcement officer, I know ensuring our community is safe is important to all residents, so we must invest and partner with the Kuna Police Department, Kuna Fire Department, and our school district. This attracts not only residents but also businesses to meet our expanding needs.
  • Finally, I believe in fiscal responsibility.  Our community cannot put unnecessary burden on homeowners or business owners so we must work together to manage our city’s budget, examining costs and necessity and prioritize expenses balancing growth and safety.

Martha Drake

I’m excited to be part of the City Council Candidacy 4-year position. Let me start with a little bit about myself. I’ve lived here in the valley since 1987 for 34 years. During that time, I received AA in Christian Education from Boise Bible College, BA in Psychology from Northwest Nazarene University, and MS in Criminal Justice from Boston University. In addition, I have volunteered for many things at New Beginnings Christian Church (which is now the Kuna Campus for Eagle Christian Church) over the years. I’ve lived in Kuna for 16 years with my husband and our two children.


  • Determine what Kuna residents need, based on keeping Kuna “Our Town.”
  •  Remind the Kuna residents they have their own personal legal team: “The City Council and the Mayor.” With that in mind, the community should take advantage of these available resources in keeping Kuna “Our Town.”
  • Recognize the established community with respect; by seeking innovative and transitional phases that work with the new communities and the established communities harmoniously, with keeping Kuna “Our Town.”
  • I also hope that more than 1% of the community comes to the City Hall meetings and express their grievance and/or improvements to the City Officials. The community will no longer be able to keep Kuna “Our Town” and the City Officials will be the only ones running the community, to the best of their ability, if the public does not participate.




Tyson Garter

My name is Tyson Garten and I am running for the Kuna City Council. The decision to run was not made quickly.  I gave it great thought, discussed it with my family and friends, and spent a good deal of time in prayer.  I finally concluded that it was time for me to give back to the community about which I care deeply.  Kuna is a great place to grow up, raise a family, and retire; it has it all, and it is up to us to ensure that it stays that way.  Change is inevitable but we are responsible for managing that change.  I believe I have the leadership skills and commitment to work with the business community and the residents to make Kuna the best small town in Idaho!  This is our town, yours and mine and I am asking you to give me the opportunity to serve as your City Councilman.

I currently sit on the planning and zoning commission and have built relationships with our city engineers, local businesses, city staff as well as the citizens in this community. Working together I believe we can manage growth while assuring it pays for itself and adapts to our city needs, not the other way around.   As you can see I have a servant’s heart and love to give back. I truly believe one of the greatest quotes came from Theodore Roosevelt, “Every man owes part of his time and money to the business or industry in which he engages. No man has a moral right to withhold his support from an organization that is striving to improve conditions within his sphere.”


Transparency & Accessibility:  As your councilman I would be completely transparent and approachable to all citizens. I feel like we can improve the relationship between the city and the citizens of this great town.

Private Property Rights are fundamental to our free market economic system.

Affordable Housing is important as it promotes community pride and is good for the long term financial health of Kuna families.

Infrastructure is definitely an issue because of the growth we’ve seen. First, if we focused our efforts on bringing more jobs to Kuna, this would keep more working citizens here. Helping with traffic in and out of our city. Second by bringing family entertainment here, this would keep our citizens from having to go to other communities for that purpose.

LINK TO WEBSITE: https://tyson4kuna.com/