Garden City Council Republican Voter Guide

John Evans

I have served as the Mayor of Garden City for almost 16 years.  My background is in heavy construction, land development and homebuilding.  I originally ran on a platform to rebuild the city’s underground infrastructure, stabilize the city’s finances, grow revenues and reduce the employee turnover rate.  Almost 16 years later, eight million dollars has been invested in infrastructure, the fiscal house is in order, and employee turnover, apart from retirements, is rare. Today the city is flourishing with infill and redevelopment projects.  I also serve as an advocate at the state legislature in my role as the legislative chairman of the Association of Idaho Cities.


  • Work with US Army Corps of Engineers on the development of a flood protection mitigation plan. We expect to have this underway by the end of the year.
  • Continue the systematic upgrades to the city’s underground infrastructure, which is crucial to the accommodation of new housing and business expansion.
  • Ensure the funding to continue the efforts of the library and police departments.

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Teresa Jorgensen

Teresa is an Idaho native who moved to Garden City in 2011. In 2007, Teresa began her career in the photocopier industry. Her previous work experience included seventeen years in the semiconductor industry. She has volunteered with various organizations in the community, and most recently served on the Board of Directors for Lakeland Village Homeowners Association.

Teresa was selected as one of the Idaho Business Review’s Women of the Year in 2010. This award recognizes Idaho women whose successes in business and contributions to the community have set the pace for our region’s future. In 2017 Teresa was recognized by the Women and Children’s Alliance’s Tribute to Women in Industry award.

In September 2020, after Councilmember Elfreda Higgins’ resignation, Mayor Evans appointed Teresa to complete the remaining term.

Teresa likes to spend leisure time traveling, sailing, hiking in the foothills, and walking the greenbelt. Teresa has three children and two “fur babies”!



Growth:  Garden City is vibrant and has exciting development projects that have been approved and more that are being contemplated.

  • I will work for the Garden City residents and businesses to ensure all service levels are maintained during the unprecedented growth we’re experiencing.
  • I will ensure all development complies with the citizen developed Comprehensive Plan.
  • I will support development that enhances the community and property values

Safety:  Garden City enjoys the highest levels of police services in the Treasure Valley.  Teresa will ensure that there is continued support to maintain these service levels.

  • Highest police officer to resident ratio
  • Response times below ten minutes
  • Highly engaged in the community

Affordable Housing:  Garden City boasts a history of focus on affordable housing options.  To address future needs:

  • I will advocate for collaborative efforts for solutions
  • I will encourage residents to engage in meaningful public hearings
  • I will modify code based on need and the best interest of the City

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