Eagle City Council Republican Voter Guide

Jason Pierce

As Mayor of Eagle, I have used an “Eagle First” litmus test which asks, “Is this in the best interest of the current citizens of Eagle?”

I have applied this test to each issue that impacts our beautiful community, including growth, roads, schools, and downtown development.


  • Growth
  • Roads
  • Schools
  • Downtown Development

Brad Pike

Brad embraces all the great things that Idaho provides and has felt blessed to have been here for over 11 years. He and his wife, Tami, have been married for over 31 years and they love to be able to call Eagle Idaho, their home. They also have two grown boys. 

Brad came to Eagle after retiring from a distinguished career in the fire service where he spent much of his adult life in Santa Clara County, California. Prior to his fire career, he had the opportunity to coach the national baseball team for Guatemala and teach Junior  High School for a small Christian school in Hemet, California. 

Public service is his calling 

For much of Brad’s life, he has served. He has a genuine passion for helping his community whether as his job, a volunteer, or as a citizen. Brad is currently serving as: 

Eagle City Council President 

Fire Commissioner – District 1 

Previous Government experience – 

Mayor (Hollister) 

Vice Mayor (Hollister) 

City Council (Hollister) 

Chairman of Council of San Benito County Governments 

Brad has served in numerous volunteer roles as well:  

Community Highway Safety Campaign – Created a “Grass Roots” community-led highway safety campaign. This effort led to collecting 23,762 signatures and taking them to city, county, state, and federal officials. This ultimately led to success and getting the requested road improvements. 

Hollister Police Department – Missing persons and Neighborhood Watch coordinator

Creation of a Neighborhood Watch program – with the Ada County Sheriff’s  Department 

American Red Cross – Boise Chapter – Safety Instructor 

Creation of a safety team/program – for the Eagle Nazarene Church

Bachelor of Arts degree from Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego, CA.


  • Conservatism in Action: Eagle is experiencing explosive growth. The only way we meet this challenge properly is with leadership. We must ensure a stable foundation to allow for responsible growth. I firmly believe we need to encourage economic development, however we must balance the sources of tax revenue, the character of our great city, and the careful planning of our vital infrastructure (fire/Police, water, sewer, roads and schools) with the aspirational visions of Eagle. Our city deserves a leader who truly cares, someone who puts our interests first. It’s time to hold the Mayor accountable for his broken promises and questionable actions. 
  • Growth Must Pay For Growth: We need to rebuild our alliances with our corresponding taxing authorities. Under present leadership, we have an adversarial relationship with the current sheriff. Does it make sense to abolish ACHD rather than work in harmony with them to improve Eagle? We all know that economic growth is necessary to sustain a tax source and a vibrant community. Then why have we lost most of our employees in the economic development department? As a team leader, the mayor’s job is to promote a sense of unity and collaboration in a common cause, not control or power. 
  • Public Safety: Public safety must be the backbone of our community. Without proper law enforcement to handle these issues, we will surely fail the families of Eagle. With the increase in population, crime will continue to rise. Last year alone, crime increased by 16% and this year, it’s on pace to exceed that. Matters will only get worse unless we take a strong, proactive approach. As president of Eagle City Council, I have fought hard to hire more police officers. As mayor, I will get it done. 
  • Economic Development: We need to do everything in our power to bring long-term business into Eagle. A strong economic development department needs to be rebuilt after all the personnel departures under the present leadership. Mr. Pierce referred to Economic Development as fluff. Eagle is being squeezed out of commercial space by surrounding communities. Under my platform, I am determined to cultivate a thriving downtown environment, which will foster success for the business and our city.

LINK TO WEBSITE: https://www.pikeforeaglemayor.com/


Facebook: Brad Pike


Marc Degl’Innocenti

Capt. Marc Deglinnocenti was introduced to municipal politics at a very young age. His high school social science teacher took him along with a select group of students to various city council meetings regarding major development projects. His high school English teacher then encouraged him to enter a municipal government essay contest which he won. He then studied criminal and civil law in college and earned an associate science degree in Administration of Justice. He also attended and graduated from a reserve police academy. Having once served as a police cadet, police intern, and then as a reserve police officer, he set his eyes on a maritime career.

Capt. Deglinnocenti was in the U.S. Merchant Marine for 33 years, 25 of which as a master mariner. He held many individual certifications and positions on board vessels of various types and sizes. Part of his career entailed developing a maritime technology course and subsequently instructing it as a credentialed teacher. He continues to share his knowledge in his retirement by writing articles. Some of those articles include marine and maritime technology and maritime political and legal topics. Many of those articles have been published worldwide and are award-winning. He has also shared his knowledge by consulting on legal maritime topics, and he has even served as an expert witness in superior court regarding vessel collisions, maritime law, and how they relate to finding liability and fault. However, his main source of income today is in real estate.

Capt. Marc owns several properties that he rents out to women in criminal divergent programs under the supervision of female administrators. This allows his tenants to live outside of jails and prisons while contributing to society by holding mandatory jobs within in a controlled atmosphere. This not only helps these 36 women get a fresh start in life, but it also saves Idaho taxpayers over $80,000 per year.


  • Eagle is in desperate need of more sworn peace officers dedicated to serving the city
  • The style, quantity, and type of high-density housing in Eagle are in direct opposition to its current residents
  • The infrastructure of multiple development projects is currently not being planned properly

LINK TO WEBSITE: https://eaglecaptain.com/


LinkedIn: Marc Deglinnocenti

Mary May

Mary May is an experienced community leader with a demonstrated history of working in the public relations and communications industries. Her background includes Legislative/Governmental Partnerships, Business Planning, Public Budgeting, Conflict Resolution, Community Relationships, Education, and Nonprofit Organizations.

Mary is a fifth generation Idahoan and has lived in Eagle for more than 25 years. During that time, she has been an active member of the Eagle community, having previously served as Vice-President of the Eagle Chamber of Commerce, on the Eagle Mayor’s Advisory Council, and as a member of the Friends of Beacon Light Road. She has also founded or been involved with numerous Eagle-centric events and initiatives, including the Eagle Food and Wine Festival (a popular event benefitting local charities), the Eagle-Star Technology Corridor (ESTech), Eagle is Open for Business, Beautify Downtown Eagle, Eagle County Christmas, and Eagle Fun Days. Mary was also part of the Eagle Entrepreneurial Zone (EEZ Street), an Eagle business incubator collaboration between the City and local governmental partners.

She served as the President of the College of Western Idaho Foundation Board of Directors, is a sustaining member of the Junior League of Boise, and was a past board member of both Special Olympics Idaho and the Education Foundation of the West Ada School District. Mary was a member of the Idaho Power Eastern Treasure Valley Electrical Plan Advisory Committee and was a longtime member of the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce Transportation Committee, as well as the Boise Valley Economic Partnership (BVEP) Working Group. She spearheaded the Central Valley Expressway Coalition (Highway 16 Extension Project), a grassroots coalition designed to highlight the importance of transportation infrastructure improvements and increased funding, as well as to coalesce public support behind these improvements. Most recently, she received a gubernatorial appointment from Governor Brad Little to serve as the community representative on the State of Idaho’s Real Estate Appraiser Board.

Mary was an Ada County Highway District Commissioner (2019-2023), serving as 1st Vice-President in 2019, and as President of the Commission in both 2020 and 2022. During her time on the Commission, Mary represented a large portion of the Treasure Valley, including much of Eagle. She was a member of the Community Planning Association of Southwest Idaho (COMPASS) Board of Directors (2019-2023) and Executive Committee, which is comprised of elected officials throughout the Treasure Valley. Mary was honored to be elected by her peers to represent COMPASS on the National Association of Regional Councils (NARC), representing District XII (which encompasses Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming). NARC focuses on transportation, economic development, and public safety, among other issues. Mary also served on the Ada City-County Emergency Management (ACCEM) Executive Council. In 2020, Mary was the recipient of the COMPASS Leadership in Motion Award in the “Leadership by Example – Elected Official” category.

Mary has two adult children: Molly (B.A. and M.A., Boise State University), and Matthew (B.A., M.P.A., and Ph.D., Boise State University).


  • Proactive Planning: Overseeing and managing Eagle’s growth and infrastructure using a practical common-sense approach is essential to ensure the City retains what makes it a truly special community.
  • Public Safety: I believe strongly in a collaborative, proactive approach to public safety. Keeping Eagle a safe and vibrant community is one of the foremost jobs of the Eagle City Council.
  • Community-Focused: I am committed to an open and transparent government to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard. Open communication is critical to make certain city government is welcoming to all.
  • Fiscal Conservative: I have a proven track record of fighting to keep property taxes low. Eagle’s financial resources must be prioritized and directed where they can do the most good.

LINK TO WEBSITE: http://www.Mary4Eagle.com


Craig Kvamme

Craig graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1974 with a degree in engineering and later earned a master’s in waste management from the University of Idaho and an MBA from Idaho State University.

He served for 30 years on active duty and in the reserves, working on submarines and submarine support programs. From 1979 to 2014, he worked with the Idaho National Laboratory, managing nuclear operations and waste programs.

In addition to his day job, Craig also built an alfalfa and malt barley farm spanning 700 acres and a small construction trucking company supporting general contractors.

Craig and his wife Debra purchased their home in Eagle in 2013 in order to be closer to a number of their children and grandchildren. Debra moved to Eagle in 2013 while Craig finished up restructuring operations in Idaho Falls, Idaho and then move to Eagle in 2014. Since relocating to Eagle in 2014, his entrepreneurial spirit has persisted as he built and operated three separate investment companies in Eagle.

He coached baseball for 6 years with the Idaho Falls Little League and Rigby High School and was the president of the Idaho Falls American Legion Baseball Association.

Craig has also served his neighbors as a past board member on two irrigation canal companies and is currently a board member of two homeowners associations in Two Rivers. He is also the Chairman of the Two Rivers Landscape Committee since 2020. Additionally, Craig has been a member of the Eagle Urban Renewal Agency since 2020 and currently serves as its chairman.

Craig feels that Eagle is a very unique city with a small-town atmosphere and charm. It possesses two amazing assets: the Boise River flowing across the city and the foothills to the north. As a member of the Eagle City Council, he will work to protect and preserve these treasures, ensuring that the city’s growth aligns with the vision of the Treasure Valley’s jewel.


City Growth:

  1. Low-density housing: Promote 2-acre/unit housing for spacious living.
  2. Quality developments: Encourage open spaces for versatile use.
  3. Preserve downtown: Maintain its uniqueness with small shops, restaurants, and pedestrian-friendly streets.


  1. Well-balanced police force: Satisfy citizens’ security needs.
  2. Growth-compatible security: Adapt to city growth to maintain safety.
  3. Tech-driven security: Utilize technology for deterrence and detection.

Senior Center:

  1. Improve infrastructure: Enhance the center’s physical structure and interior.
  2. Expand services: Offer a broader range of services for seniors.
  3. Increase patronage: Encourage more seniors to use the center.
  4. Acknowledge contributions: Recognize seniors for their past efforts and contributions to the community.

LINK TO WEBSITE: www.Craig4Eagle.com



Christopher Hadden

My name is Christopher Hadden and I am running for Eagle City Council.  I’m a New Jersey native and at an early age moved to Arizona which is where I met my wife, started a family and lived for 25 years.  My wife and I fell in love with Idaho back in 2004 when we visited a family friend and new immediately if we had the opportunity we would love to move and raise our family in Idaho.  We visited Idaho several times before uprooting our family, two children and a dog back in 2016.  Since moving to Idaho, I have been active in the Eagle community by volunteering at my children’s school, held Boy Scout leadership roles, Reagan Republican Member and been involved in the City of Eagle politics.  My professional background includes extensive management experience in corporate finance having worked for JPMorgan Chase, Metris Bank, Express Scripts Pharmaceutical, Mutual of Omaha Bank and most notably Honeywell.  At Honeywell, a defense aerospace company, I have had the privilege of traveling the world in my business travels as a Global Operations Manager for Honeywell Corporate Finance responsible for a yearly disbursements of over $3 billion with direct oversight of a 130 staff.  I feel my experience makes me uniquely qualified having negotiated multi-million dollar contracts working with state, federal and defense agencies.  After leaving the corporate sector I ran my own successful small business which allows me to understand the needs of Eagle, both small and large.  I presently run and own a remodeling contract business here in Eagle serving the Treasure Valley.  As a lifelong conservative, I look forward to the honor of serving the citizens of Eagle as Eagle City Council.


  • Public Safety: As your next elected Eagle City Council Member, I have listened to public feedback and am committed to keeping the City of Eagle a safe place to live, raise your family, or retire for generations to come. I will be proactive and forward thinking when it comes to the safety in our community. We have witnessed increases in crime by 16% and have seen graffiti on our roadways. I will advocate for adding an additional 3 deputies which will help keep us at the current service levels with the addition of the Avimor annexation. Looking forward, I support a comprehensive plan review to make any fiscally conservative impact fee adjustments to reach the Sheriff’s recommended service level increase from .74 to 1 deputy per 1,000 residents which would add 9-10 additional deputies in 2024.
  • Growth: I acknowledge that “growth is inevitable” however it needs to be managed appropriately so as not exceed our infrastructure, schools, and city service capacity. We have witnessed unprecedented growth in the last 4 years, and I have personally witnessed public testimony of hundreds of residents who were strongly opposed to the 15,000+ new rooftops while there were no new schools built and limited road improvements. I fully support an extensive comprehensive plan review in partnership with citizens. We need to revisit city building codes and development agreements to ensure that we see 20% open space and eliminate builder land credits which add more houses to a development. Development agreements need to require developers to break-ground in 4 years or less and have reasonable build-out periods. Current and past administrations have approved 30+ year or open-ended agreements which doesn’t work well for our community which changes over time. We should look to follow examples of other cities who have faced the same challenges and have created codes that allow for managed growth. This type of change in our process would allow key services to be in place to support our population’s growth. Future development agreements should have conditions of approval and fees collected from builders that account for park or green space expansion, new schools as needed to prevent overcrowding, and roadway improvements.
  • Fiscally Conservative: Developers need to contribute more so the City of Eagle can maintain and grow existing services. Economic development needs to be expanded to address and attract the commercial sector while building upon the solvency of Eagle. I am concerned about the financial health of our city and the current budget. In the past 4 years, our current leadership has almost doubled the city budget, increasing it from $30M to $56M. However, the city has only added 4,000+ residents. What did our current city leaders do with this increase in budget? They expanded City Hall for $3.5M+, bought a trolley, purchased a historic property for $2M without an appraisal, allocated $4M+ to build the first phase of the Shooting Sports Park, and committed the city to finance a 90+ acre sports complex budgeted for $18M that will take years to complete. I promise the Citizens of Eagle to take a commonsense approach to projects to determine what the city can afford while prioritizing projects that are important to our community.
  • Government Overreach: As a lifelong conservative, I support a small and fiscally conservative government that listens and respects the sovereignty of Eagle citizens who they are duly elected to serve. I believe a truly conservative approach for developing needed services for our citizens is to attract entrepreneurs. I do not believe that city government should exist to start and run businesses such as a shooting range, fiber optic broadband and trolley transportation services. The current leadership’s government overreach is illustrated by several city takeovers. Examples include the takeover of the Eagle Senior Center which was run by the Eagle Seniors Citizens Inc. non-profit for over 30 years, then the Eagle Arts Commission, and the Home Depot dispute over parking spaces. These lawsuits all come at significant legal costs to the city budget. Other examples of overreach include the elimination of the city Economic Development staff and takeover of the budget for Library and Historic Preservation Commission.  I support an extensive review of these boards, commissions and the economic development staff with the public to determine what is best for our city. Forward looking, I fully support the implementation of a city code of ethics to prevent future unwarranted takeovers, lawsuits, forced annexations and potential government overreach.  Transparency is key in running a successful city government that is “for the people”.

LINK TO WEBSITE: https://www.haddenforeagle.com/


Facebook: Christopher Hadden