Eagle City Council Republican Voter Guide

Melissa Gindlesperger

Melissa brings an extensive professional and well-rounded approach to Eagle City Council. Since being appointed in

2021, she has brought a conservative and passionate approach to everything she does. Melissa firmly believes in involving

Eagle residents as part of the decision-making process and that all voices are heard.

While Melissa and her family reside in Eagle, they enjoy skiing, biking, and spending time together traveling. Aside from her work on Eagle City Council, Melissa is a small business owner and has been involved in efforts to give back to the community. Her passion is service projects, organizing and serving meals to those in need, and children’s ministries.


Smart, Responsible Growth: I strive to monitor growth at a lower level on zoning requests, seeking for developers to establish aesthetic landscapes prior to building and holding developers and builders accountable to the requirements set before them.

Residential Tax Relief: As a city, we need to grow a healthy, local commercial presence to increase commercial tax revenue and reduce the burden on residential taxpayers. I will fight for responsible spending and efficient budgeting to maintain a comfortable tax base for residents.

Traffic Management: Traffic falls under the purview of ITD and ACHD. But the City of Eagle can have an impact over our roads and traffic by strengthening our relationships with these entities.

Limited Government: I believe the Government should have as little involvement in our lives as possible. I am a strong supporter of: Limited Government, Law and Order, Medical Freedom/Body Autonomy, Family Values and Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

WEBSITE LINK: https://www.melissaforeaglevalues.com/

FB LINK: https://www.facebook.com/melissaforeagle/

Helen Russell

My professional background includes 25 years in Human Resource Management for Sunkist and Caterpillar.  While at CAT, I managed the development of sourcing personnel and training to support the largest earth moving project in the U.S. (Diamond Valley Reservoir, $2 billion) and the building of the Seven Oaks Dam ($450 million).

Developing a Service Technician degree program through San Joaquin Delta college helped provide much needed talent.  At CAT, I brought in new technology to the workplace in various departments helping us maintain a consistent U.S. Dealer of Excellence Award from Caterpillar.

My technology aptitude allowed me to transition after 20 years to my own HR Consulting business.  I partnered with an HR/Payroll software company and provided implementation services after the sale.  Clients included major cruise lines, municipalities, construction management and engineering firms.

Being an active listener, building relationships and collaborating was a requirement to being successful.


  • Managing our growth and keeping the high-quality design of Eagle.
  • Small efficient government operating with transparency.
  • Planning and budgeting with a long-term vision while maintaining our low property tax rate.

LINK TO WEBSITE:  www.helenforeagle.com

LINK TO FBhttps://www.facebook.com/helenforeagle