District 21 Republican Voter Guide

Regina Bayer

LD21-S – Incumbent – Senator

I am the current State Senator from District 21. I serve on the Agricultural Affairs Committee and Health & Welfare.

I am a life-long Republican, a strong conservative and a staunch supporter of our US and State Constitutions.

I believe the 2nd amendment is clear. It shall not be infringed. It must always be defended. I will always strive to protect our rights to own and bear arms.

I will always protect and defend the unborn.

I will always support protecting private property rights and I stand strong in defense of our individual liberties. Private property rights are the hallmark of freedom and liberty.

I strongly believe in less government, more individual responsibility and, with God’s help, a better world.

I ask for your vote so I can continue to represent the values of the people of District 21 in our State Legislature. I am honored to serve you.

Steve Harris

LD21-A – Incumbent

Steven C. Harris was born in Salt Lake City, Utah on May 7th, 1059 and was raised in Southern California. He is married to Wendy and has five children and 15 grandchildren. In 1984, Mr. Harris earned a master’s degree in Technology Management from Brigham Young University. From 1984 to 2000, he worked as a Manufacturing Systems Consultant in the Mid-West for companies such as the Rock Island Arsenal and John Deere. In 2000, the Harris’ moved to Meridian, Idaho. Mr. Harris has owned several small businesses in Idaho which he as bought, improved, and sold. He now owns Electronic Sensor Products in Garden City. In 2012, he ran for the Idaho State Legislator, and is now the State Representative for District 21 in Ada County. He sits on the Commerce & Human Resources and Transportation Committees and is Chairman of House State Affairs. Mr. Harris’ policy passions include protecting individual rights and promoting school choice options. He enjoys running and woodworking.

Greg Ferch


Greg Ferch was raised in a small rural North Dakota town with a strong sense of personal responsibility and Christian values. He and his wife Angie have been married for over nineteen years.

After graduating from the University of North Dakota in 1989 with a degree in human biology he attended Northwestern College of Chiropractic in Bloomington, Minnesota. He graduated from NWCC in 1993 and moved to Boise in 1994 after purchasing his current chiropractic practice.

Greg is an 11 year Army veteran, a former homeowner’s association president, and a past chiropractic association board member. He has also held numerous positions in the Ada County Republican Party, including Chairman.