District 18 Republican Voter Guide

Mark Bost


Pilot (Commercial & Military)

Federal Civilian (15 year)

The son of a 34 year active duty Army Aviation Officer, lived in 7 different states as well as Germany and his mother’s native Italy. B.S. in Management & International Business; Minor in German; NCAA Division I athlete (wrestling); Pennsylvania State University. M.S. Military Operational Art and Science in Joint Warfare (expected Fall 2020) from USAF Air Command and Staff College.

Served 15 years as a federal civilian employee as a contracting officer and program manager. Negotiated and awarded multi-billion dollar aviation contracts on behalf of the Department of Defense with major defense contractors. Currently, a Major in the Air Force Reserve as a C-17/C-130 pilot. Civilian career serves as a first officer at a major commercial airline.

Flown three combat tours, awarded Air Medal (3), Air Commendation Medal (3) and awarded the Airmen’s Medal for bravery by the Secretary of the Air Force. Holds FAA certifications (Private, Instrument, Commercial and ATP), Defense Acquisition Professional Level III in Contracting and Program Management. Also, served as an Officer Training School Academic Instructor and Flight Commander, Ground Flight Certification and Aviation Safety Officer.

One daughter; Gianna (5) who attends K-12 in District 18.

I have chosen to run for Senate as I am frustrated with how there has been a lack of a voice not only for OUR district but for OUR state. In this day and age the common citizen continues to lose out to lobbyists and big business. It takes a loud voice and tenacity to get in the mix, the short legislative session does not allow for an individual to sit back and see what happens, it requires someone with the will to go out and make things happen. I have been unhappy on continual infringement of Constitutional Rights, lack of budget constraints and the increase in taxation. I promise to listen to the people, fight against infringements of rights and opposing big government. I want to represent the citizens of District 18 in a way that ensures the greatest advantage to all, which starts by ensuring budget constraints are enforced and education for our next generation is more successful. Yes, I am a huge 2nd Amendment Supporter and continue to exercise my right of owning and carrying firearms.

Gary Childe


My name is Gary Childe and I am running for the position of Idaho State Representative in Legislative District 18.I am currently a Precinct Committeeman in Precinct 1809, past Vice-Chair for Legislative District 18 and past member of the Resolution Committee under the leadership of the Ada County Republican Party’s Central Committee. I have been an Idaho resident for over 25 years. I’m a retired Senior Project Construction Manager and was employed with a top U.S./Intl. Construction Management Consulting firm.My construction background included projects in the public/private sector. Federal, State and County governmental agencies, owners representation of private projects and K-12 school facilities projects with 38 different school districts, Idaho, Arizona, Oregon and Washington State.I was a founding member of USGBC ( United States Green Building Council ), Idaho Chapter and was a founding member of Preservation Idaho, along with being a member of CMAA, (Construction Management Association of America). With community involvement, I was part of the Idaho Power’s, Commercial Energy Efficiency Advisory Group and also partnered with Ada County on Energy Efficiency project program requirements for new county construction projects.I am Pro-Life, Pro -1st Amendment and Pro -2nd Amendment.I am a Christian, Conservative and a Republican in that order.I believe in the Jeffersonian model of the citizen legislature, which says, the state legislator’s job is to be responsive and represent the voice and will of the people. It is not the right of a legislature to impose their ideology on the people, but rather it is their responsibility in legislation to best serve the will of the people and not to enrich themselves at the expense of public service.My wife and I have built our marriage on a strong foundation. For those who know me, I am passionate, committed and energetic about my work. I have built my Construction Management career on the principals of integrity, strong moral values, high standards of ethical conduct and diligence and it is what I intend to bring into my legislative role. District 18 deserves to have someone who will represent them and listen to what is important to them. Our district needs someone who will be proactive and abide by our constitution, someone who knows how to manage and build upon the infrastructure that is already in place that supports our District 18 community, our county and State of Idaho. We need someone who will stand up and address the issues of escalating Property Taxes, repealing of the Grocery Tax, raise the Homeowners Exemption and raise the “circuit breaker” property tax break and the repeal of Common-Core.We all deserve the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Pete Thomas

Pete Thomas


Pete Thomas has a master’s degree from Boise State University.

His background includes a decade in real estate, mostly in Texas and Hawaii, before moving to Idaho. He has lived in Idaho for close to twenty years.

He briefly taught in junior high and high school. However, he prefers teaching at the college level and has been an adjunct professor for fourteen years. He currently teaches online at two universities.

He is pro-1st amendment, pro-2nd amendment, pro-life, pro-charter schools, and pro-religious freedom.

He is involved in the prison ministry.

He asks for your vote. Idaho’s quality of life is at stake during this crucial time.