District 16 Republican Voter Guide

LeeJoe Lay


Hello, I’m LeeJoe Lay This is not a slick p.r. campaign.

I do not intend to manipulate you with cool advertising and design; mislead you with half-truths hiding my political intentions. I am what you see in the picture. A husband, father,construction worker, volunteer, and failed business owner (recession) who lives in Boise and loves it. I am running a grass roots campaign to take back Boise. I ‘m bald and I have crooked teeth. I am not a rich man or a pretty boy but I know what is right and how to get things done. I am not sinless, however I have learned from my mistakes and try to use those lessons to better myself. My interest in State Senate is out of a desire to serve you, because I really do like to help others. I don’t have a college degree but I’ll put my experience up against anyone’s degree any time. I am a rugged individual. I will be your humble servant. I have a few Ideas which I think will solve some problems. I know my responsibility is to listen to you and help you when I can, not tell you what I think is best for you and then shove it down your throat. I epitomize the “can do” spirit, but working alone to achieve your goals is hard. Please join me. Let’s help each other help ourselves. Boise is the best place on earth with the best people in it, you know it and I know it. We can make it better, lots better. Here is a brief bio on me, if your interested. I’m a 1971 vintage raised in Northern Nevada, around Carson City, Virginia City, Lake Tahoe and Dayton. Son of a school teacher and an idaho native (not a blackfoot tribe member) from Firth (I helped my uncle move pipe during summers there a little) they met at Brigham Young University. I spent a lot of time hiking in the foothills and mountains behind my house in Dayton plinking with .22s, Boy Scouting and getting into mischief. I went to High School at Whittell High School in Zephyr Cove/ Lake Tahoe Nevada where my dad taught school. I am the oldest of 7 children. I was married to my high school sweetheart a year after I graduated high school. My first daughter was born the following year. I worked hard as a 19 year old father to support my family and I have tried to work hard ever since. I now have five daughters and to my suprise the same wife (poor woman) 28 years later. We have two grandchildren now! Hard times made us move to Texas where I learned about free-way building and how bad big cities were to live in. After four years I had to find a way back to the mountains I loved to be near. That part of Texas was just bad for a guy who used to live in the mountains and drink water from canyon springs. Another uncle lived in Eagle so I moved here and was introduced to Boise lifestyle. I became a miner and excavation foreman over time and eventually started my own company. Atlas Earthmoving. “We could move the world if we had a place to put it.” has been started and failed 2 going on three times. I have gone bankrupt in my pursuit of the american dream but; “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. So, I have fine leadership skills and can do anything if I have a pocket-knife and some bailing wire or duct tape. This includes fix the state senate.


Chandler Hadraba

District 16-A



  • Ada County Precinct 1603 Alternate – 2020
  • Inspector of Election: San Francisco – 2015-2016; Los Angeles County – 2005-2009
  • Candidate for Illinois 48th Representative District 2003
  • Elected Precinct Committeeman Milton 54, 2002-2004
  • Judge of Election DuPage County, IL 1998-2004


  • Currently work for Lockheed Martin.
  • Worked for U.S.-based consumer packaging manufacturer for 20 years; clients included Sargento Cheese, Wham-O, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Lunchables, ConAgra, Cacique Foods, Land O’ Frost, Mead Johnson, and Producers Rice Mill.
  • Successfully managed a manufacturing company out of Chapter 11 bankruptcy – company was ultimately purchased by NASDAQ traded Stericycle (Ticker:SRCL).
  • Launched “Caribbean Pure,” a self-contained bottle water factory in St. Maarten, recapturing the market for bottled water from foreign imports while creating jobs domestically.
  • After relocating to San Francisco, spent 5 years working for consumer food companies; a chocolate manufacturer; COO for a vegan snack food start up, Ben & Jerry’s and Costco.  Crowdfunded a reusable bag made by disabled veterans.


  • Chandler personally knows the ruinous outcomes of Communism and Socialism. Chandler’s great uncle fled Cuba after being confronted, at gunpoint, by Che Guevara’s followers.  Chandler’s father lost his Jamaica-based business when “Democratic Socialist” Michael Manley, was elected Prime Minister, and began “reforming” the economy.


  • University of Colorado Boulder, B.A. Economics & English Literature
  • College of Western Idaho, A.A.S. Mechatronics

Jackie Davidson


Jackie has lived in Boise, Idaho for 40 years and has seen the city grow from a small town conservative community to a thriving city. Her passion is to keep Idaho conservative. Jackie has been a small business owner with her hand on the pulse of Boise and Idaho. This has given her an insight to the freedoms that are being taken away.

Keeping America free is crucial. The realization that if we give away our rights, we may never get them back, encouraged Jackie Davidson to run for Idaho Legislative District 16-B. She is passionate about keeping freedom and rights for every Idahoan.

Your vote for Jackie Davidson in District 16 is appreciated.