Boise City Council Republican Voter Guide

Luci Wilitts

I’m an Idahoan. I’m a doer, a thinker, and a problem solver.  I’m the daughter of a farmer and small business owner. I know what it’s like to work hard, and the importance of taking care of the place you call home.

I grew up in the potato country of Eastern Idaho and came to the Treasure Valley for economic opportunity more than 20 years ago. I graduated from Idaho K-12 and higher education systems. I’ve been married for 25 years to Mike Willits and I am the mother of two adult daughters who graduated from West Ada high schools.

Over the course of my career, I’ve worked in private industry and for the state and federal government. I started my civics involvement early by chartering a Teenage Republican Club at Rigby High School with my friend, who later became my husband. I worked for Congressman Mike Simpson and the Idaho State Board of Education in communications and then as the Chief of Staff for the Idaho Department of Education. I have the unique perspective of both private and public industries, including the state and federal government. With this knowledge, not only am I in a better position to be an advocate for West Boise, but I know how to get things done to the benefit of taxpayers. We need a new voice on the city council that is a fiscal conservative.

Boise is changing. Without vision and proactive solution making, we’ll face the same dire issues of sister cities of Seattle and Portland. We need leadership now! I want to maintain our clean streets, safe neighborhoods, and family and outdoor-centered living. Join me in having a “can do” attitude on what’s possible for our great city.


  • Law and Order/Public Safety: I support public servants who put their lives on the line to serve and protect. We need more public safety resources in our growing community, not less. You can count on me to support law enforcement.
  • Transportation: Boise is the most isolated city of its size in America. We need a valley-wide and regional approach to create viable transportation solutions that make sense for Idaho.
  • Patriotism and 4th of July: It’s a disgrace that Idaho’s Capital city doesn’t host a Fourth of July parade. We need a City Council that supports bringing the community together and patriotism. I will make it my mission to have a community-based Fourth of July parade.

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David Jones

Maria Santa Cruz-Cernik

  • As the youngest of five children, I learned from my siblings mistakes, which weren’t very many. My siblings set the bar pretty high, especially my sisters who were scholars academically, but I was not. Although, I learned early on that good work ethics, no matter how minute it was, to do it the best you can. I resembled that statement throughout my adult life. I was a laborer. Crafty with my hands, always improvising techniques to be more productive and quick. I secretly challenge myself against others to be the fastest, most efficient and thorough. It was a personal thing but unbeknownst to me, it made my co-workers recent me as I would get raises or a bonus for production. In the end it all worked out. I started teaching my techniques with my co-workers, soon everyone was getting bonuses and the Boss was happy.

    At that moment I realized that my ideas and techniques, though my own and not of company’s standard, was better shared than having kept it all to myself. Giving is more gratifying. Seeing the smiles on my co-workers faces made things feel more accomplished than getting a bonus.

    Today, I am compelled to share more of what I have learned as a Business Owner/Manager of several different industries. From Managing Denny’s, Publishing a Monthly Newsletter, a Director of Admissions of a College, owned a Coffee Shop and lastly, my Catering business and my Men’s Hair Salon going on 15 years and as President and Founder of an NFL Non-Profit Organization. There’s no degree for all this but you can’t put a price on experience. I believe there is a need for change in City Hall and that is to include experts in different fields. Mine is in Business Logistics and Social Services by personal experience as a single mom.


    Top Platforms


    1)   Alleviate Issues Concerning Affordable Rent:  To promote and or advertise the need for Home Owners to sign up in the Section 8 Program. Along with that, would be to revamp Regulations to include certain criteria to safe guard both Owner and Tenant of their part and be accountable for whatever happens to the house, otherwise there will be consequences. Doing this will remove the stigma of low income dwellings to be a disaster.  Also, I would suggest getting a Task Force together to do random check ins and formal complaints.

    2)  Dealing with Division.  Division in our country has become more prevalent and I believe some stems from the less noticeable forms of division. Case in point, applications to apply for Mortgages, Rentals, Colleges, Banking, Job application, Hospital forms or any other kind of application forms that asks the question: “What is your Ethnic Origin?” or “Ethnicity?” What does it matter? Does knowing what ethnicity a person is make it better or harder to decide if the answer is Yes or No.   My kids have never been to the Philippines. They were born in Seattle. So what do they answer that would actually be true? I am advocating to have that question removed on all forms. The division ends in this segment.

    3)  Transparency.  The idea that Government should be or is Transparent needs to be clarified: If indeed transparency is alive and well in City Hall, then the DOORS to meetings should never be CLOSED. Nor should decisions be made or voting without the knowledge or with the Citizens understanding of what is about to take place and to have a say in it.

LINK TO WEBSITE: www.mariaforboisecity.com


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Nicholas Domeny

Steve Madden

East End resident Steve Madden is running for a seat on the Boise City Council in District 5. Steve is a life-long Republican and believes in equal representation at all levels of government. He saw the destruction of freedom and liberty, at the hands of one-party government rule, in his home state of California. Steve is genuinely concerned about the arrogance of Boise City government, led by Mayor Lauren McLean, that routinely ignores opposition to their leftist policies. The City of Boise belongs to the people, not the Mayor and City Council. Steve supports geographic representation on the City Council and invites every citizen to join the conversation about the future of our great city.


Public Safety – I support DEFENDING the police, fire fighters and first responders. Defunding these agencies is a direct threat to public safety. All public safety departments must be sufficiently funded to supply the best training, and equipment for these brave public servants who risk their lives every day to keep us all safe.

Responsible Growth and Development – Uncontrolled residential and commercial development are harmful to the quality of life for the citizens of Boise and neighboring communities. We have a responsibility to manage the pace of growth to minimize the impact on our current population while welcoming new people to the area. I do not support the “Build it and they will come” approach of Mayor McLean and the City Council.

Protecting Our Parks and Open Space – Our parks and open spaces are essential to the charm and quality of life in Boise. These lands must be protected from development. Mayor McLean is currently exploring the possibility of building high density, low income, housing on city owned properties, including city parks and open space areas. Boise needs a local ordinance that requires voter approval for any change in use or zoning for these properties. These lands belong to the citizens, not the Mayor and City Council.

LINK TO WEBSITE: www.maddenforboise.com