Tom Dayley

Tom Dayley


First Dayley family member came to Idaho in 1870’s
Grew up in Burley with 11 siblings; learned to listen, to work, and to help others

BA – Political Science/Spanish – Brigham Young University
MA – International Relations – University of Southern California (Oxford, England)

– President Trump appointed Idaho State Executive Director USDA, Farm Service Agency, Administered specific USDA program implementation in State of Idaho
– Idaho State House of Representatives, Chaired Judiciary and Rules, Vice-Chair Agriculture, Member Revenue and Taxation Committees
– Division administrator, Idaho State Department of Agriculture (ISDA), Managed feed/plant services, pest control, nursery, florist, apiary, pest survey, noxious weeds, organics programs and four labs
– Idaho Fish and Wildlife/Subbasin Planning Coordinator, Northwest Power and Conservation Council (NWPCC) Brought together tribal representatives, various Idaho groups that included private independent interests, state agencies, and local government. Helped create 62 regional and 20 Idaho environmentally and scientifically sound individual basin-based action plans. Plans were used to assist the NWPCC in funding fish and wildlife programs and policy development with the northwest
– Executive Vice-President, Idaho Farm Bureau Federation
– Senior aide to Senator Larry Craig in Washington, D.C. and Regional Director in Idaho. Washington D.C. aide to Senator Dirk Kempthorne and Senator Steve Symms.
– President Bush appointment as Idaho State Executive Director Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service; currently Farm Service Agency. Administered specific USDA program implementation in State of Idaho
– USDA Confidential Assistant to the Government and Public Affairs Assistant Secretary in Washington, D.C., Office of Congressional Relations. Consulted individual Members of Congress, state legislators, and local officials to carry-out departmental legislative strategy
– Office of Post-Secondary Education, Department of Education, Washington, D.C. National higher education policy work
– Deputy Director, White House Private Sector Initiative, Office of the Secretary Department of Health and Human Services, Facilitated private sector corporations use of technology to assist individuals with disabilities
– Washington, D.C., Special assistant to Congressman George Hansen
– United States Air Force, Air Force Commendation Medal

Served in Idaho, Washington, D.C. and foreign countries including UK, Mexico in civic, political, and church organizations including Boy Scout leader, civic association president local political party official, United Way Board, Rotary International. Accompanied International visitors around the Washington, D.C. area as volunteer with the Visitor Program Service of Meridian House International. Spanish language bank for first responders

– My work at the federal, regional and state level in both the executive and legislative ranches plus my seven years in the Idaho Legislature reinforced in me the value of working with people of different points of view to help Idaho families.
– I am confident these skills will enable me to work with the other commissioners to provide solutions to the issues facing Ada County.



Property tax is the largest revenue source of county government. Thus it is also one of the most significant parts of the budget for Ada County residents and businesses. This is particularly true for individuals on fixed incomes or small businesses. It is an imperative that the Ada County Commission make sure individual homeowners as well as small businesses not be forced to sell their assets because of unreasonable property taxes. As such, a major component of the job for a county commissioner must be to limit the need for revenue by first controlling the budget then property taxes. Commissioners must also constantly review ways to ensure all property owners appropriately help fund the essential services of the county. Commissioners are the County Board of Equalization. My work on the Idaho House Revenue and Taxation Committee, on an Interim Tax Working Group and with the National Conference of State Legislatures gave me the opportunity to listen, review and develop ideas from Idaho counties as well as other states and counties; ways to improve our tax structure here in Ada County. I have a working relationship with many of the members of the Legislature and other local officials and can work with them to provide mechanisms to assist in giving Ada County additional tools to improve our tax structure. I look forward to bringing my experience and understanding to the table to help the current Ada County Commissioners in their efforts to control budgets and make property tax adjustments.


Ensuring public safety is an important part of the work of commissioners. There are several component parts of the public safety responsibility of the county such as sheriff, prosecutor, incarceration, public defenders and judges. Each part must receive adequate funding. I believe Ada County must support not cut funding to all aspects of public safety. Commissioners oversee the coordination between all the entities within Ada Count government as well as the cooperative agreements with other jurisdictions within Ada County. My background in oversight, interaction and review with various private and public entities gives me the ability to immediately work with the current commissioners to provide proper oversight and direction to all parts of Ada County public safety. As with everything, there must be regular review of public safety to ensure adequate protection and proper funding are provided for all the citizens of Ada County. My work with local, national and state first responders as an individual citizen, staff and elected official increased my depth of understanding of the needs in this area. As Chairman of the Idaho House Judiciary and Rules Committee I have reviewed, discussed with citizens and first responders and made public policy decisions regarding various aspects of issues within the public safety arena. I can use my experience and background to assist the Ada County Commissioners in receiving comments, ensuring adequate funding, and making good public policy to benefit Ada County all first responders for the safety and protection of all Ada County residents.


PLANNING AND ZONING (Development Services)
Thankfully, Ada County is in the process of a major review of the Comprehensive plan. It is particularly critical that Idaho’s most populous and fast-growing county have a regular review with a dynamic process that includes individual citizen comments. Excessive regulation, lack of consideration of public input and limited ability for individuals to make decisions regarding their property are issues brought to my attention and must be addressed in the current process as well as part of our regular planning and zoning policy review. The need for increased public involvement in planning and zoning policy is exemplified in some of the current issues facing the community such as Murgurito Park and other such open space decisions within the county. Based on my experience in similar situations, it is important to bring forward alternative options that may not have been previously considered by individual citizens, the City of Boise or Ada County. An aggressive but delicate dialogue, with all the legal and interested parties at the table is essential. This requires everyone being willing to, enter into the discussions with an open mind, consider all options and then consider adjustments to initially desired outcomes. It is only with sound minds, clear thinking and concerted effort that these thorny issues can be resolved for the benefit of all concerned. My experience and background can help with the myriad current and future planing and zoning issues in our growing Ada County.


“I have read the Idaho Constitution and the Idaho Republican Party Platform. I support the Idaho Republican Platform and accept it as the standard by which my performance as a candidate and as an officeholder should be evaluated. I certify that I am not a candidate, officer, delegate or position holder in any party other than the Republican Party.”