Chuck Winder

Chuck Winder


I grew up in the Boise Valley, attending the College of Idaho and owning our own business for 30 years. After college I was a flight instructor in the Navy. I consider myself a public servant having served on the Boise City Planning and Zoning Commission, 13 years on the ACHD Commission, 11 years as the Chairman of the Idaho Transportation Board and now 13 years in the Idaho Senate. I was elected by my colleagues as Assistant Majority Leader, Majority Leader and now as the President Pro Tempore of the Senate. I have served on the Education, Agriculture, State Affairs and Transportation committees. I have been married to my wife Dianne for 53 years, we have two children, 4 grandchildren, 3 step grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren.



Providing for the needs of the citizens of Idaho, public safety, education, transportation and infrastructure. To be a member of the Legislature means you have to provide the means for citizens to raise their families, secure a good job and to protect them from the overreach of the government, at all levels. Our Republican form of government requires governance with the lightest touch of government, but there is still a need for public services. A well run state or local government require good people that want to meet the needs of its citizens not tear it down.


The Idaho Constitution requires the State to provide a free public education system. The Legislature has historically provided direction and funding to assure a good quality education for our children . The challenge continues to find enough good teachers, to fund the students at a level to meet their needs. Idaho must continue to emphasize reading skills for K-3 and beyond, encourage education after high school to include college and career technical training. Not all students need to or should go to college. There are great careers available in areas related to auto mechanics, service trades, electronics and heavy equipment operators. Most importantly we need to make sure our K-3 students are reading a grade level, as this will prepare them well for years of education ahead.


Public safety and the order of law are the basic needs of a Republic. We must support our law enforcement professionals and the rule of law. A Republican form of government does not function well in chaos. Citizens need to feel safe to participate in the legislative process, in their city council meetings and in their school board meetings.